Hybrid Cloud Point of Sale for
Multi-Location Stores and Franchises

Hybrid Cloud Point of Sale

Whether you have one store or one hundred, LivePOS harnesses the power of the cloud to give you a powerful, yet simple to use system that is anything short of amazing, just ask anyone of our thousands of customers!

Real Time Online Dashboard

The LivePOS Dashboard is the focal point of our Cloud POS Solution. By simply logging onto your secured online dashboard, you can view and control just about anything that is happening in your retail empire.

Hardware, Without Breaking The Bank!

Unlike other systems out there, LivePOS can run on ANY Windows-based computer or tablet you can find. That means that you are free to shop for your own device and within your own budget. If you already have Windows-based computer, chances are you can use it with LivePOS.

Franchise Management System

The Franchise Management system (FMS) is an online dashboard that aggregates huge amounts of data across all your stores, making royalty reporting easy and instant. Gone are the days of the excel sheet and faxes. Welcome to the Real Time Revolution!

Integrate and Automate Your Business

Whether it's your accounting software or your email marketing solution, the LivePOS API allows you to pull and push information across any data point, keeping your business up to date in real-time.

Work Order & Service Module

Take in repairs and work orders in 30 seconds or less. Collect customer information, take a picture of the item, even collect a deposit upfront, everything you need to run your service business is now available on this new addition to the LivePOS product line.

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