Children’s Apparel

Keep lines moving. Customize Orders. Connect with your customers.

Why LivePOS is Ideal for Infants and Children’s Apparel

Busy seasons in clothing and apparel shops can make inventory control and customer care challenging, but with LivePOS your seasonal worries are over. The software is loaded with tools to help with inventory on the management side and the interface is easy enough for even the newest employee to handle with grace. Customers can even opt into your email, text or snail mail campaigns right at the register to ensure they never miss a sale.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Employee Management and Payroll
Robust Reporting
Kits, Coupons and Notes Per Transaction
Hybrid Cloud POS Solution
Offline Capabilities
Real-Time Dashboard
Free 24 x 7 Live Support
Manage from anywhere, with ANY internet enabled device
No Upfront Fee, Pay As You Go