Shoe Stores

Keep lines moving. Customize Orders. Connect with your customers.

Why LivePOS is Ideal for Shoe Stores

There’s nothing better than a good shoe sale, but juggling coupons and in-store mark-downs can get confusing for a new employee. LivePOS is designed to solve your discount day dilemmas with an easy-to-use interface, a simple coupon window and a customer management system that’s perfect for connecting to old customers and new. The cloud-based inventory management system can even help you track down that special pair of shoes from one of your many locations for a customer’s special day.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Employee Management and Payroll
Robust Reporting
Kits, Coupons and Notes Per Transaction
Hybrid Cloud POS Solution
Offline Capabilities
Real-Time Dashboard
Free 24 x 7 Live Support
Manage from anywhere, with ANY internet enabled device
No Upfront Fee, Pay As You Go