Vape Store

Keep lines moving. Customize Orders. Connect with your customers.

Why LivePOS is Ideal for Vape Store

Look no further for a kiting solution that’s not just blowing smoke. Offer custom mix and match juice bundles at the touch of a button and save your customer’s favorites to their profile for their next visit. LivePOS will ensure your vape store runs smoothly, with an interface even your newest employees can easily understand. Selling online and in store? No problem – the open API will provide easy communication with your existing inventory system.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Employee Management and Payroll
Robust Reporting
Kits, Coupons and Notes Per Transaction
Hybrid Cloud POS Solution
Offline Capabilities
Real-Time Dashboard
Free 24 x 7 Live Support
Manage from anywhere, with ANY internet enabled device
No Upfront Fee, Pay As You Go