All The Features You Need

Purchase Order

Receive PO – confirms the number of units for every item that was requested for, similar to doing an inventory count.

Request PO – is a request form for items that need to be replenished according to the inventory count


Customer Look-Up

Is a CRM option on the software that searches customer information including purchases via phone number or email address

Return Customers

A record for returning customers using POS ID and invoice number

Demo Exchange

Items that are displayed as demo products such examples are perfumes or make-up

Customer Transaction History

Now you can view a customer’s  last 15 transactions and purchased products.

Missing and Damaged Items 

Items that are deducted from the inventory because are missing or damageds


Sales Summary

Total summary of the sales made during the day and the total number of transactions for cash, credit cards, checks etc.

Detailed Sales

Total summary of the sales made during the day. Includes total count of customers served per day and the total number of transactions for cash, credit cards, checks etc. Can also be seen on the Dashboard.

Employee Sales

Total summary of the sales made during the dayup

Sales Blitz 

Allows you to run and view cross company competitions through your POS.


Enables you to manually input the SKU of a certain product if and when a product’s SKU is unreadable to the scanner.


amount available to use for discounts on other products

General > Connection

What is my IP

Click to view your IP address

Employee Sales

Total summary of the sales made during the dayup

Flush DNS

Flushing domain name server to refresh network connection

General > Updates

Check for Newer Updates

Click on this to be able to download recent/new POS version updates

Check for Data Updates

Check for new changes in data like change in prices, units and etc.

General > Product List Properties

Sort by Item Name

To sort every item on the inventory by name

Sort by ID

Sort every item on the inventory by ID

Support Tools > Cache

View Cache

View local storage (data)

Delete Cache

Delete local storage (data)

Launch Explorer

Launch the web browser to access the admin site


To flush cache and get new data from server and enable to change LID

Lock Station

To lock or unlock the POS when stepping away from the kiosk or storetotal

Restart Computer

Restarts the computer

Shutdown Computer

Shutdowns the computer

Item Search Box

Enables you to seach the items on your inventory

Clear Sale

Clears all the items on the cart

Location Name

Contains the Company and Location Names and ID if the mouse is hovered over

Lane Number

The Lane number of the POS Software you are using.

Total Box

Calculated total for the current transaction

Check Server Connection

Check your connection to our LivePOS Servers

Technical Support

Displays the customer support numbers

Search by Phone Number

To find a return customer’s information via their phone number previously recorded

Search by Email Address

To find a return customer’s information via their email address

Create New

Enter a new customer’s information into the CRM

Skip to Tender

Bypass CRM info and begin processing payment

Payment Icon

To begin processing payment for items selected.


Most commonly used mode of payment

Total Box

Calculated total for the current transaction

Employee Sales Division

Enables employees to divide the sale from a customer’s transaction


Payment gateway for processing credit card transactions


A third party swiper that does not need to use an Authorize.Net account


Document that orders payment of money from a bank account

Pay by Check

Fill in the form to complete transaction

Customer Name

Displays the returning customer’s name from the CRM search to add to his/ her file of receipts

Digital Receipts

In lieu of a printed paper receipt

Print Receipt

Paper receipt

E-mail Receipt

Receipt of the transaction sent to an email address provided by a customer. Sending email receipts to addresses with a hyphen (-) is supported.

Send SMS

Receipt of transaction sent to a cell phone number provided by customer

Send Facebook Invitation

A Facebook invitation sent via email to the customer to Like your company/store’s Facebook fan page

Suspend Sale

Put current “Cart” on hold in order to process the next customer. Suspended sales are now saved forever and ever, and will not delete if you close the software or reboot your computer. Furthermore, you can now print a suspended sale and give your customer a copy. Some people use this feature as a mini work order, and while it lacks many of the features of the full work order, it can accommodate simple/ basic scenarios. Actions >> Reports >> Detailed Sales Report.


Button to look-up receipt histories

Search by Receipts

Receipt look-up by providing POS ID/ LID and Invoice Number

Search by Credit Card

Enter the last 4 digits of the credit card to look-up receipt


Shut down POS software

Item List

List of all the items in the inventory

LivePOS Icon

Used to refresh and synchronise any changes made to the POS Software from the POS settings on the Admin Site

Cash Drawer

Monitors the money ins and outs and the money count

Edit POS Settings

To customize the POS properties for a location specific, such as CRM, Sales Process, Tenders, Reports, Inventory & Tax Settings, and General Settings.

Custom Email

Customize your own email and send it to your customers directly from the POS!

Custom Tenders

Special tenders like traveler’s check, Square and PayPal payments can now be entered into the LivePOS system using our new Custom Tender feature.

Sales Blitz

Allows you to run and view cross company competitions through your POS.

Edit POS Rent

Manages the monthly succeeding rents for your POS.

Add/Edit POS Expenses

To add, edit, or delete an expense. It also shows the list of expenses incurred by the location(s).

[NEW] Add/Edit Expenses Categories

To add expense categories, in order to group individual expenses found from Add/Edit POS Expenses.

Add/Edit Locations

A list of all the locations active, queued and inactive

Location Target Goals

To set a target amount of sales that should be incurred for the specified date(s).

Add/Edit Regions

Here is where you can be able to edit or delete regions and even add new ones

View Cameras

A page that lets you view a whole list of IP cameras at every store location you have

2nd Printer and Layout Options

This feature allows you to configure more than one printer to be used on your POS. Situations where you need may be: a sandwich shop that wants a copy to travel directly to the kitchen or service store that wants to print a copy for the technician in the back of the room, etc. You can also select if you want your printer(s) to print in 3″ format or in A4/standard page size format, which will allow you to use a regular office printer.

POS Pole Display is Back! – Yes, that’s right! The pole display is back and better than ever. We now support both the standalone pole display (usb connected) and the built-in display at the back of the AerPOS that so many of you love.

References and Notes

It allows you to enter a reference number that will help you do better tracking. Example: You have a website that allows people to select the products online and then go to the store to pay for them. The online site generates an “Order Number” that can now be plugged into the LivePOS system when the customer is handing over their money. This way, the web “Order Number” is attached to the LivePOS invoice and can later on be checked if paid or not. This feature can be enabled / disabled from the POS Settings Page. You also have the option to decide if notes and/or references will display on email and printed receipts.

Notes Per Transaction

Allows you to enter a note every time you finish a transaction. Employees can use this to notate special deals or discounts that they gave, along with information that is relevant to the sale. The notes will show on your Detail Sales Report from the Dashboard.

Warranty Tracking is Here!

Up until this release, when someone came to your store and wanted to use their warranty, you used the “Damaged /Missing” feature which allows you to deduct an item from the inventory without making a sale; however, there was no way to attach this transaction to a specific customer. Version 7.0 allows you to do exactly that! You can now attach a customer to a damage/missing transaction, and later review it in the customer’s history from the POS (last transaction tab on the top).

Locate Invoice By Note

This feature allows you to search or locate invoices by the use of the notes that was attached into the sale.

Identify Credit Card Type When Using External Terminal

When using an external credit card terminal, you can now specify in the LivePOS system which card type was used (example: Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc). This in turn will make your reports more accurate, showing the actual card type, rather than just “Credit Card”.

Product Sold Report Summary

On the CRM form, from the POS, a “Search By Group” option has been added.

CRM: How Did You Hear About Us?

You can now ask your customers at the point of sale “how did you hear about us?” and select it from a drop down menu. Since every company wants different options in that menu, our feature allows you to customize your own options on your back-end dashboard, very cool.

Multi-Lane offline Capability (part 1)

Many of you have stores with multiple POS systems (multi-lane). Multi-lane is a great feature, but it will not function without a working internet connection, so basically no offline capability. Version 6.5 includes the first piece to make that possible. By randomizing the invoice numbers, it will prevent duplicate invoices.

Show/Hide Exit Button

Allows you to show or remove the exit button on your POS. This is mostly used when you want to prevent your employees from shutting down the POS without your approval.

Show Local Customers Only (HIPAA)

If you need to comply with HIPAA regulations or prevent cross viewing of customer data from your employees, this feature is for you. Once enabled, the customer lookup option from the POS will only show people who bought something in a specific store. In other words, if I make a purchase from store 1 and then later make a purchase at store 2, the employees at store 2 will not be able to find my purchases from store 1 and vice versa.

CRM Marketing Opt-Out

This allows you and your employees to mark those customers that don’t want to receive marketing emails from you. This feature also integrates with our Mailchimp and Constant Contact Apps.

Inventory and PO’s using a Mobile Barcode Scanner.

You can now use a mobile (no cable) barcode scanner to scan all the items in your store. Inventory counts and Purchase Orders are now much easier to manage. You are no longer limited by the length of your barcode cable (which is very short anyway). Clink the link below to learn more.

Inventory Count via Barcode Scan

Want to count inventory using a barcode scanner? No problem. If you already have a wireless barcode scanner, you can simply enable this option and start walking around your store, “shooting” the barcodes of the items on the shelves. When you are done, come back to the POS and everything you scanned is counted for you. Very easy to use.

CRM Search By Group

On the CRM form, from the POS, a “Search By Group” option has been added.

Price Override

The Price Override feature now allows you to mix and match multiple discounts in one sale. It also allows you to do per item and per sale discounts. Modified the Price Override Report, allowing the users to choose which Price Override they want to see in the report.

Price Override Discount

Ever wanted to give a discount on the spot, right there and then, without any coupons? Now you can! The new Price Override option allows you to apply a discount to an individual (or all) items in your cart. This enables you to specify if you want to give a discount amount (say $10) or a percentage (say 5{2b104187ca804cdaaab7901b85df292b910cba0450cc46463d16d770da4356f2}). The price override feature can be enabled or disabled from your dashboard, and you can also choose to protect it with a manager password. [All Plans]

Modify Gift Card Swipe

You can now swipe in your gift cards rather than manually enter them.

Serial Numbers

LivePOS can now track individual serial numbers for multiple products. When ringing up a product you can now SCAN or hand type the serial number of this item, allowing you to track coverage and warranty information PER PRODUCT SOLD! You can look up a serial number from both the POS and the Dashboard. You can also allow the POS to force the collection of serial number on a specific product.

Extended Product Description

Product Description is now available showing on the POS. Also the description field in the Dashboard now supports more characters.

Check Gift Card Balance on POS

You can now check a gift card’s balance directly from the store POS.

Printing Gift Receipt

You can now print a gift receipt from your POS.

Accomodating Larger Numbers

Serial numbers and Inventory count can now accommodate larger numbers. This is a UI (User Interface) update. We simply made it easier to enter a serial number and view inventory counts on the POS.

Email Receipt Update

Sending email receipts to addresses with hyphen (-) is now supported.

Brand New LivePOS Interface

For years you know that LivePOS is the most powerful solution in the world, but let’s face it, it would not win any beauty contests. ENTER LIVEPOS 6.0, a new version that is now smart and beautiful.

Coupons Per Item & Per Category

You can now assign a coupon to only work on a specific product. Also, you can have a coupon that only works on a specific category. This allows you to use both a coupon per product and a coupon per SALE at the same time.

Money Out Tags

When doing money out, your employees can now specify WHY they are taking money out of the register. Few examples can be: Bank Deposit, Reimbursement for food, etc. This helps keep your register and expenses much more organized.

Show Balance on Gift Cards

You no longer need to guess. Every transaction that includes a gift card will show the balance of the gift card at the bottom of the printed (or emailed) receipt.

Create and Activate Later

The new “Create and Activate Later” option on your dashboard allows you to open a new location but NOT activate it yet and NOT get charged for it yet. When doing that, the location will show on your dashboard, allowing you to start preparing it ahead of time. This means that you can setup tax rates, apply coupons and anything else that you need to make your store ready. On the day you want to start selling, you simply ACTIVATE the POS and get charged the prorated amount. [All Plans]


Introducing the LivePOS OP, an Open API to the world! The LivePOS OPI allows customers and 3rd party developers to create new and exciting add-ons to LivePOS, building apps that keep enhancing our already amazing cloud solution and taking it to new levels. One (real customer) example for using the OPI came when a large enterprise needed to pull daily inventory and sales into their 1980’s accounting software. With the help of our OPI Team we managed to get that done in record speed. Another customer got a 3rd party to create a new MailChimp APP that we will debut in our next release. The LivePOS OPI is a very powerful tool and we invite you to utilize it to your specific business need [small plan and up].

CRM Overhaul

We made some cool updates in the CRM sections allowing to search by name (not only email/phone), showing total money spent by customer, total transactions, a new design and much more – go check it out.

Digital Signature without a Topaz Device

You can now specify if you are going to use your touch screen for signatures or use a Topaz signature pad.

3″ Printer Support

Choosing 3printer on your POS Settings page will force your 3printer (Epson, Fujitsu, etc.) to use all of the receipt’s width when printing – no more wasted space on the right.

European Taxing Display

Many of our international customers requested the ability to see the total amount of products (NO TAX) on the receipt. Per your request, we added that in this version.

Product Images

You can upload images of your products.

Search Capabilities

View attributes, part number, style number, quantity and pricing when you search for your products on your POS

Employee Report on POS (update)

Employees now have access to see their clock in/out times when printing their employee report from the POS.

POS Tagging (update)

Tagging option can now be enabled or disabled.

Sales Blitz (update)

Set the competition of your employees to either company wide or limit the competition to a specific manager.

Employee Clock In/Out Control (update)

Gives you access to determine which employees are allowed to clock in at a specific location.

Transfer Customer History from your old POS system

You already know that you can transfer customer’s personal information (like name, email, phone number, etc.) from your old system into LivePOS. This new feature allows you to transfer not only their personal information, but also their sales and past transactions. You can transfer transaction dates, products and total amount spent for each customer. This information is now available to you on the POS side. Simply lookup the customer and on the top right of “Last Transactions” click the new “History” tab.

Email Receipt [Updated!]

Some people don’t want to give out their personal information but when it comes to digital receipts, most will happily provide you with their email address. This feature enhancement enables you to harness this behavior to your advantage. When a customer gives you their email address (so you can email the receipt), their email address will be attached to the transaction and saved in your Live Dashboard. Remember, marketing to your customers is the key to success!

CRM – Customer & Families

Most merchants use a Phone Number as a way to find a customer in the LivePOS system, which means the system did not allow two customers to have the same phone number. That created a problem for husbands and wives (and other family members) to be entered into the system using the same phone number. This feature enhancement enables you to have two customers with the same phone number, as long as their email addresses are not the same. Problem solved!

CRM – SMS Feature [Updated!]

In the “Add Customer” page on your POS, we added the ability to save a customer’s carrier. When it comes time to send them an SMS receipt etc, we don’t need to ask for it again. We also added a 2nd field called “Alternate Phone Number” which you can use to collect another phone number like home or work. Phone number field now allows 16 digits to accommodate international phone numbers.

Last Added Item to Show on Top

Many of you asked for this feature. This enhancement will make sure that the last item that was added to the shopping cart (either by using the touch screen, the mouse, or the barcode scanner) will show at the top of the list, which makes it very easy to find.

Upsell Expiration Date (Buffer)

If you are using the upsell feature, you know that some people leave the store without using their entire upsell amount. The problem arises when employees are less than honest and use the left over upsell to give discounts to friends and family. This new feature allows you to set an expiration date to any unused upsell, essentially blocking this kind of behavior and promoting good practice in your store.

Hide Product List

Have thousands of products in your system? Want to speed things up? Use the “Hide Product List” option. It will no longer show the items on the left hand side, which will significantly speed up your ring-up process. Scanning barcodes and using the search bar works even faster.

Updated Gift Card Format

Alpha numeric gift cards are now accepted.

Pin Pad Integration and EMV* is now Available!

We are happy to announce the first Pin Pad device integration with LivePOS! We strongly encourage you to click the “click here for tutorial” link below to read more about the Pin Pad, debit, credit, EMV and Apple Pay, options that you now have.

Process Warranties with LivePOS

This feature is a great leap forward for LivePOS customers in the service industry. We encourage you to click the link below and read more about this great addition to our product line.

Store Credit Totals

LivePOS is now keeping track of how much money was returned to the customer on a gift card to be used as store credit.

Barcode/Search Enhancement

Using a barcode to ring up customers? This enhancements will significantly speed up your checkout process, click below for more info.

Usability Enhancements

We have overhauled this version to limit the number of clicks you need to do before you can enter something into the systems, this feature includes: Cash Register, Inventory Count, Price Override, Cash Drawer, Purchase Order(Request PO, Request Vendor PO), Damaged/Missing Items, Demo Exchange, Launch Web Browser, Clock In/Out, Launch Explorer, Reactivate & Customer Lookup.

Roll Camera.. ACTION!

The action button is the most used outside of a regular sale. To make it easier, we brought the button to the main left navigation, making it easier and faster to access functions like Price Over Ride etc. Missing your clock in/out? Go ahead and click the ACTIONS button and you will see it on the bottom.

When you install the version you will see that the action button (running man) is now where the clock in used to be.

Customer Loyalty is now Available with Perkville

Want to reward your customers? Give them points for every purchase they make, and allow them to use these points for discounts at your stores. LivePOS now fully supports the Perkville Loyalty program. Click below for more details.

Open Cash Drawer on Email Receipts

This new version allows you open the cash drawer after you sent an email receipt.

Updated Gift Card Format

Alpha numeric gift cards are now accepted.

LivePOS on Windows 10

And finally, we are happy to announce that LivePOS Version 7.2 is compatible with the latest and greatest Windows 10! If you have Windows 8 you are probably eligible to get Windows 10 for free from Microsoft.

Charity Feature

Feeling generous this holiday season? Introducing the LivePOS Charity feature!

Released just before the holidays. This feature allows you to collect charity amounts from your customers in one simple click.
The system will automatically round up the amount to the nearest cents, so if the customer’s amount is $35.60, it will propose a 40 cents donation. If the customer wants to give more, simply change that 40 cents to ANY amount you want with a simple click.

Charities are added after tax. At the end of the month you can run a report to see how much money you collected for your favorite charity and cut them a check.

This is a great way for you to build relationship with your community, help a good cause and get some free publicity along the way!

Request Vendor PO Update

As you know you can do a “request vendor PO” directly from the POS. Many of you explain that employees can make mistakes and under/over order directly from a vendor, and that you, the store owner, would like control over this process.

With this new update, Request Vendor POs are no longer automatically sent to the vendor, but rather will show up as Draft in your Admin site under the Vendor PO Dashboard.

Kits Enhancements

We have significantly increased the length of characters for Kit names and the products inside the kits, making it much easier to find a product when needed. We also added search functionality so you can now search inside your Kits.