Cloud Service & Repair

The LivePOS Work Order Module is a full blown cloud-based Enterprise Level Services & Repair Module that was specifically designed for multi-locations, multi-store franchises and the enterprise user.

If your business provides services, you are probably finding yourself jumping through hoops trying to make all of these individual pieces of software to work together. You have the CRM on one window, the repair software on another, the invoicing part on the third, and the credit card app on the fourth. Each has its own database and probably none of them are cloud-based so you can forget about that report you need for your meeting tomorrow… YES… we feel your pain!

With LivePOS, in less than 30 seconds you can collect customer information, take in a product for repair, print a service tag and send the customer on their way. When the repair is done, the system will automatically notify them via email or text message. The Work Order module is tightly integrated with the LivePOS system, so you can easily ring up a customer and collect payment. Deposits, invoicing and customer history are also included. Best of all, everything at the store syncs with your LivePOS Online Dashboard, giving you all the control and reports you ever wanted. Cool? We think so too.

Key Features of the Work Order Module

Key Features of the Work Order Module
Collects Customer Information (CRM)
Review customer’s past transactions and trends
Intake a product for repair with a simple mouse click
Enter repair notes and take a picture of the item for verification
Add any items and parts needed to complete the repair
Print a service tag for the customer’s records
Keep customer automatically updated with email and text alerts
Collect a deposit before beginning repair work
Generate an invoice and collect partial or full payment
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