LivePad II

Everything you need in the palm of your hand!

LivePad II is an enterprise class Mobile POS (mPOS) running a full blown version of our award winning LivePOS software. GO MOBILE!

What is the LivePad II™?

With the LivePOS© LivePAD II™ you are no longer chained behind the counter. Similar to your desktop point of sale hardware, The LivePAD II™ runs a full version of the LivePOS© software, giving you ALL the features and functions of the system you love, in a compact and mobile solution.

The Tablet

The LivePad II utilizes the successful and powerful HP ElitePad 900 G1 Windows 8-64bit tablet. It’s specifications (dual core processor) and price (sub $600) makes it a natural winner for your LivePOS mobile software needs.

The Credit Card Reader

Using the Audio-Enabled credit card reader, you can swipe payments while away from your counter.

The Printer

The LivePad uses Epson’s TM88V LAN (Network) printer. A super fast 3″ receipt printer that connects directly to your router, eliminating any cables from the Printer to the tablet, allowing you to roam around the store and print receipts remotely.

The Cash Register

An Epson compatible 5 till (bay) cash register. While we provide the standard 5 till module, you can opt to buy any Epson enabled cash register that fits your needs.

The Retail Expansion Dock (optional)

Seamlessly transition between mobile and fixed point of sale with a single integrated solution designed for retail. Just snap the mobile unit into its docking station for a complete POS solution that integrates into your existing infrastructure. Dock at the sales station and connect all of your peripherals via serial, USB, and RJ-45 ports.