Multi-Store and Access Levels

LivePOS was designed from the ground up to accommodate the Multi-Location, Multi-Store Retail Operation.

As a Cloud Solution, all store information is aggregated and displayed in a simple, cohesive manner on your dashboard, making it easy to get a real-time snapshot of your business.

While supporting complex inventory transfers with a simple mouse click, the LivePOS system offers unparalleled access control across your organization.

For example, you can setup a special role for your inventory manager, so she can view inventory and create purchase orders, but can’t see any sales information. Another example is to create a Regional Manager or Store Manager role, allowing that person to only see his store, his employees and his products.

Customized Access level

The most basic access level is the store manager. Her account will be setup so she can log into the Dashboard but view only her sales, her inventory, her employee performance. Another popular access level is the inventory manager, his account will be setup in a way that allows him to view all inventory across the entire business (warehouses included) but will restrict him from seeing real sales figures.

You can also create a special role for your accountant, allowing him to log in and view sales only, and restrict him from updating things like employee data or modify promotions. The LivePOS Dashboard, with its built in multi-layer access level allowed you to dynamically create a role to just about anyone in your organization, and while everyone logs into the same dashboard, only approved information / reports / access is granted.

Every business is different, let our trained professional help you setup the correct access levels, roles and permissions across your entire business. Scheduled a call with us today, setup is completely free and will save you time and money


True Multi-store operations
Supports Multiple Lanes in the same store.
Manage complex inventory movements with ease.
Create discounts and promotions in one central system.
Mange employees & customers from one single Dashboard.
FREE 24 x 7 Live Phone Support, we work nights and weekends!
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Designed for growing chains