Open API

Connecting all aspects of your business is always a challenge. With the help of API’s, automating your front and backend operations is now easier then ever. API’s allows the different pieces of your business to communicate with each other in real time. A great example would be having your Point of Sale solution synchronizing sales and inventory volumes with your accounting software, or upload all newly gathered email address to the marketing service like MailChimp. Need help? Drop us a line!

LivePOS API Method Specification

C# Code Example

string webAddr = “XYZ”;
string result = “”;
string json = “”;
using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
client.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.ContentType] = “application/json”;
client.Headers.Add(“APIApplicationID”, “myAppID”);
client.Headers.Add(“APIApplicationKey”, “myAppKey”);
json = “{ “;
json += “\”strAdminUserName\”: \”myUserName\”, “;
json += “\”strAdminPassword\”: \”myPassword\”, “;
json += “\”strAdminSecurityCode\”: \”mySecCode\””;
json += ” }”;

** XYZ will be provided to you once we approve your API application