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Is the LivePOS solution web-based or not? I am confused.
LivePOS is a hybrid solution with two parts.
At the store, to ring up customers, you will need a Windows-based computer (Windows7, Windows8, and Windows10). This can be a high-end professional point-of-sale system or a simple $400 laptop - the choice is yours. You can also use a Windows tablet like the Asus Vivo Tab) to use LivePOS on the go. Visit our LivePAD page for more information.
For the backend management, we use a secure WEB-BASED online dashboard, which can be accessed from any internet enabled devices, such as a laptop, desktop, MAC, iPad, Surface or any other tablet.
What happens if my internet goes down?
The LivePOS software at your store is installed locally on your Windows computer, and as such, it is designed to work with or without an active internet connection. while in offline mode, your sales will be stored locally on your POS computer, and when the internet connection is restored, the sales, inventory etc, will automatically sync to the LivePOS Dashboard. Please note that if you are using multiple lanes (multiple checkout lanes in one physical store) internet is still required.
Is LivePOS secured? How secured?
LivePOS uses the standard SSL encryption which is used on major sites such as Amazon, eBay, and  LivePOS also utilizes Amazon Web Services, a world-class network of data centers providing the highest security money can buy. You can read more about it here:
How do I process credit cards? Am I forced to work with your merchant service provider?
NO. LivePOS works with ALL merchant service providers in the United States and therefore you do not need to change providers to use LivePOS. Once you sign up we will work directly with your merchant service provider to make everything click and work smoothly.​
How about data backups, software upgrades etc.?
Since LivePOS is a true cloud pos solution, we will take care of all your POS needs. Your data is backed up daily, while version updates and new features are free of charge and will be automatically available for you when released. There is nothing you need to do on your end. LivePOS utilizes Amazon AWS, which is used by thousands of brand name companies such as Hulu, Netflix, and Waze.
What are the support hours? What if I need help on the weekend?
LivePOS is the ONLY POS provider who provides you with real live people 24 hours a day. We are never closed, and your phone call will be answered quickly, usually 60 seconds or less!
Can I use my own hardware?
Absolutely! The Windows-based LivePOS (at the store) requirements are as follows:
Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 are all supported
-2GB of RAM
-100MB of free hard drive space
-At least 2 USB ports (one for the printer and one for the credit card swiper)
-LivePOS can use almost any printer (Epson, Star) and cash register. If you are not sure, give us a call. For a mobile solution we recommend the Asus Vivo Tab tablet (Windows 8 64-bit)
I have a computer but not the peripherals (printer etc.).  Can I get those from you guys?
You can buy a conversation kit for $349. This will give you a receipt printer, an electronic cash drawer and a credit card swiper. Combined with your own computer, you now have a fully functioning point-of-sale system.
I have employees and partners and would like to segregate their access accordingly.  Is that possible?
You can buy a conversation kit for $349. This will give you a receipt printer, an electronic cash drawer, and a credit card swiper. Combined with your own computer, you now have a fully functioning point-of-sale system.
Can I use gift cards?
You can and you should. There is no need to buy any additional hardware. Your LivePOS system can load and redeem gift cards without any transaction or percentage fees.
Can I print and scan barcodes ?
Yes. You can choose to use a professional label printer like the Zebra 2824 ($260) or use your regular office HP inkjet printer. As for barcode scanners, our system works with just about all of them. However, we suggest you give us a call before you purchase it on your own. We sell ours for $99.
Is LivePOS available outside the United States?
YES! LivePOS is available in any currency you can think of. We have customers across 20 countries. Please note that the LivePOS interface is only in English. However, we can support any currency you need, along with different ways to calculate the tax. For example, in the USA the price you see printed on the product (say $100) is not including tax. When your item is rung up, the tax will be added to the $100 (say 7% = $7) and you will pay $107 total.
In some places, especially in Europe, the price printed on the product already includes the tax. So when you see a EU100, you will only pay EU100.  LivePOS can support both USA and “European” taxing.
Can I upgrade (or downgrade) my plan in the future?
Yes, with a simple click of a mouse from your LivePOS Dashboard.​
Can I transfer my sales and inventory to an accounting software like QuickBooks?
Yes, you can export to a .csv, Excel and native IIF (QuickBooks) formats.


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