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Single Store and Live Dashboard
LivePOS was built from the ground up to allow owners to go from a single store to multi-lane, multi-location, multi-store operations.
Putting LivePOS in your FIRST STORE means you are future proofing your business, and providing you the peace of mind that when you need to start growing your business and open more stores, you won’t need to transition into another system.
As a hybrid solution, LivePOS is comprised of two parts; The store side, and the backend side, which we call the Admin Site.  The store side (where you ring up customers) requires a Windows-based computer. It can be a desktop, laptop, a Windows tablet (like the Surface Pro) etc. Having LivePOS INSTALLED on your store side means you can continue to operate even without an internet connection. Very important.
The backend Admin Site is fully web-based, which means that you can log in using any internet enabled device (such as a laptop, iPad, Android phone etc) to manage your business. The Admin Site is not only features reporting, but rather a full-blown control panel where you can add employees, adjust pricing, run reports and even chat with your stores.
The LivePOS Dashboard is the focal point of our Cloud POS Solution. By simply logging on to your secure online dashboard, you can view and control just about anything that is happening in your retail empire.
View sales, inventory and employee time cards, all in real time. Run payroll, items sold, and even profit & loss with a simple click of a mouse. There are over 900 features on your dashboard, and new features are introduced weekly!
The LivePOS Dashboard is a secure web-based backend for your retail stores. Any changes or updates you apply in the dashboard automatically synchronize with your remote stores.

The dashboard was designed specifically to accommodate multi-store remote operations. Every function at the store POS is controlled from the online dashboard, which you can access from your office computer or your personal laptop at home.
For example, changing a product’s price on the dashboard will automatically update that product in the respective store, all in real time.
  • Secure online dashboard to manage your business.
  • Manage complex inventory movements with ease.
  • Create discounts and promotions in one central system.
  • Manage employees and customers from one single dashboard.
  • View sales and inventory numbers in real time.
  • Works on any internet connected device (desktop, laptop, iPhones, etc.).
  • Mobile dashboard IOS native app (iPhone) is available.


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