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MetTrimMD Enthusiastic about using LivePOS for their Licensing Business

SAN DIEGO - Aug. 7, 2019 -- As long-time users of LivePOS, medical experts MetTrimMD continue to be impressed by the company's service. MetTrimMD was first founded in 2010. MetTrimMD's medical weight loss centers across the country helped reach weight loss goals safely and effectively, as well as providing a gateway to improved health via management of issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and joint pain.

Finding the Right POS System for your Franchise is Essential to Success, Says Experts at LivePOS

SAN DIEGO - May 2, 2019 -- Selecting the perfect POS system is a key cornerstone of business success for all franchises, say the expert team at LivePOS.

Choosing to work with LivePOS comes with numerous benefits for franchises of every size and scope, with a suite of features which help this smart tech stand out from the crowd.

Investing in Franchise POS Management Solutions Benefits Everyone, Says the Experts at LivePOS

SAN DIEGO - March 28, 2019 -- Cloud POS experts LivePOS is encouraging more companies to invest in the latest technology, by providing a comprehensive POS management solution which works for everyone.

The software offered at LivePOS ensures businesses of all sizes can benefit from innovation and increased efficiency, which is of particular use for franchises which require multiple points of sale.

Getting the most out of Black Friday - LivePOS brings you tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday

SAN DIEGO - Nov. 16, 2018 -- Black Friday is one of the biggest retail opportunities for acquiring new customers and boosting seasonal sales. Falling on Friday, November 23rd, Black Friday is well known as a day of huge discounts and shopping frenzy. Companies big and small can cash in on this retail holiday by simply implementing some of the tips below.

LivePOS helps store owners spend more time with their family

SAN DIEGO - May 17, 2018 -- Innovative business platform LivePOS is helping business owners all over the country to run their business effectively and efficiently, without sacrificing that all-important family time.

Striking the work life and family life balance is often a difficult task, especially when you singlehandedly run a business, leaving people feeling like they just aren't getting enough quality time at home.

LivePOS Presents the Future of Cloud Management Systems for Chains and Franchises

SAN DIEGO - April 26, 2018 -- There's great news for CEOs and managers of enterprising chains and franchises, thanks to the POS experts at LivePOS. Offering the ability to analyze selling data in real-time, manage permissions from a dedicated Franchise dashboard, and cultivate as many separate stores or locations as needed through one system - LivePOS truly is the future of digital point of sale.

LivePOS: Cloud POS From small chains to large Franchises

SAN DIEGO - Jan. 2, 2018 -- The SaaS market is surging ahead with organizations exploring various functions in several software categories. Add to these, established players are actively securing and incorporating the most promising new services and CSBs are simplifying organizations' path into the cloud. Established in 2006, LivePOS is one such Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of real-time cloud Point of Sale (POS) solution for chains and franchises. The company strives to develop and provide the best POS system relevant to its customers' needs, which are easy to understand and use.

LivePOS Releases New Feature set for Chains and Franchises

SAN DIEGO - Oct. 9, 2017 -- Every business dealing in sales, undergoing several transactions from a multitude of transactions, will want to be able to analyze how their sales are going and what areas are working well. If the business has various branches, they will want to compare the data of different locations and see who is performing the best (and the worst)!

OXXO Chooses LivePOS to Power Their US based C-Stores

Oct. 9, 2015 -- LivePOS, an enterprise cloud point of sale provider, is powering the registers in OXXO’s new stores across America. The convenience store giant operates over 12,000 c-stores in Mexico and Latin America. OXXO has chosen LivePOS as their point of sale platform for its flexibility and multi-location, cloud-based model.

LivePOS releases Cloud friendly enterprise features in version 7.0

April 29, 2015 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based point of sale software company, released the newest edition of its award-winning platform last week. Version 7.0 introduces a variety of new cloud tools, as well as updates to old tools as suggested by real-life users. This promises to be the most flexible and responsive version of the software to date and includes features that are easily scalable from a single user shop to the enterprise level.

Polaroid Fotobar Selects LivePOS for Their Retail Stores!

Feb. 3, 2015 -- Like so many of LivePOS’s happy customers, George and the people at Polaroid Fotobar had very specific ideas about what they wanted their point of sale software to do. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a software company that was willing to turn their dreams into reality.

Any Lab Test Now Selects Enterprise Cloud POS Provider LivePOS to Roll Out Over 150 Retail Clinics

June 12, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based enterprise point of sale software developer, celebrates their new customer, Any Lab Test Now®, a retail lab testing company that provides direct access to lab testing services, empowering communities across the U.S. to take control of their health and healthcare budgets.  Any Lab Test Now’s 147 nationwide clinics are taking advantage of the new Work Order Module to optimize their unique medical business model.  The flexibility built into LivePOS’s cloud-based enterprise retail point of sale solution continues to encourage subscribers like Any Lab Test Now to find better, more efficient ways of managing customer orders.

LivePOS Brings Enterprise Service & Repair into the Cloud

April 28, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based Cloud point of sale provider, continues to bring innovative system integration to the world of POS systems.  Their most recent development, a Cloud work order module for the Service and Repair industries, is the first of its kind – allowing merchants to completely integrate with a customer information database as well as the store’s point of sale system.

Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair Selects Enterprise Cloud POS Provider LivePOS to Roll Out Over 150 Stores

SAN DIEGO - March 27, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based enterprise software developer, is proud to announce that Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, Inc. has chosen their point of sale system to service 155+ stores and help organize future expansion.  Fast Fix is the America’s leading jewelry and watch repair franchise, with locations in Regional Shopping Malls throughout the country.  Following the evaluation of over 100 point of sale software providers, the company made a strategic decision to move forward with a system-wide deployment of the LivePOS platform.

LivePOS Releases Version 5.5 with Cloud Features Focusing on Enterprise and Franchise Stores

SAN DIEGO - Oct. 9, 2013 -- LivePOS, the San Diego-based leader in enterprise cloud-based retail solutions, has launched version 5.5 of their wildly successful software.  This version features more customization options than ever before, arming franchisees and enterprise users with everything they need to run a booming retail store, be it a single location or a far-flung empire.

LivePOS releases ver 5.4 with laser focus on inventory management in a multi-store environment

LA JOLLA, Calif. - June 19, 2013 -- LivePOS Inc., a leader in Enterprise retail POS Cloud solutions seeks to simplify inventory management with its latest POS features.  

Liad Biton, CEO, explains, “Not having sufficient levels of inventory or having too much inventory hurts retailers’ bottom line. Our latest features enable retailers to automate and customize inventory ordering, thereby greatly reducing the problem”

LivePOS Aims to Boost Retailers’ Sales

SAN DIEGO - March 11, 2013 -- LivePOS, a worldwide leader in cloud POS solutions has released features designed to increase retailers’ revenues.  Liad Biton, LivePOS’s CEO explains: “We focused on the main ingredients that go into selling: customer interaction, great products, and motivated employees.  We then built a feature that will assist to manage each of these ingredients.”

LivePOS releases Cloud friendly enterprise features in version 5.0

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- LivePOS Inc, a pioneer in cloud POS solutions, has released features that enable enterprises to better manage their retail locations all from a central location in the cloud.

A major problem enterprises face is the shortage or oversupply of inventory. Enterprises using LivePOS can track the entire supply chain in real-time, and thereby alleviate the problem.  Through the POS, enterprises can receive purchase orders, track shipment, and confirm inventory receipt at the location.

LivePOS releases environmentally friendly features

Jan. 9, 2013 -- LivePOS Inc., the leading POS Solution for Specialty Retailers, has released features that lower usage of paper and ink and in turn help save the environment.

Businesses and consumers are making efforts to lower their carbon footprint.  In many cases, green measures also lower costs and increase efficiency.  LivePOS is committed to reducing specialty retailers’ expenses and at the same time making the sector more environmentally friendly.  As a result, LivePOS has released electronic customer receipts and manager SMS text alerts.

LivePOS introduces the App Center

Nov. 8, 2012 -- LivePOS Inc, a pioneer in cloud POS solutions, has released the App Center, enabling retailers to instantly connect in-store POS systems with a rapidly growing number of web shopping services.

Consumers increasingly rely on online stores, blogs and social media to research products and prices, before deciding which stores to visit.  Retailers who do not provide a unified shopping experience across physical and virtual world are at a strategic disadvantage.  Traditional IT approaches for bridging those worlds are no longer viable, given the explosive growth of online retail services.


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