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MetTrimMD Enthusiastic about using LivePOS for their Licensing Business

SAN DIEGO - Aug. 7, 2019 -- As long-time users of LivePOS, medical experts MetTrimMD continue to be impressed by the company's service. MetTrimMD was first founded in 2010. MetTrimMD's medical weight loss centers across the country helped reach weight loss goals safely and effectively, as well as providing a gateway to improved health via management of issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and joint pain.


LivePOS has established itself as the enterprise cloud POS solution, ensuring companies across a diverse spectrum of industries have optimum control over their multi-store or franchise endeavors, all via a convenient cloud-based system. Businesses can control their categories, vendors, promotions, discounts, and SKUs, or make use of LivePOS Enterprise API, which added planning and strategy to the mix, with services such as accounting, e-mail marketing, and business analytics.

MetTrimMD makes regular use of many of the LivePOS features, most notably the vendors, locations and functionality for adding new products with ease. Thanks to the handy de-centralized system, the company can also disable features which they don't need – ensuring a streamlined dashboard which is easy to understand and access for the MetTrimMD team.

Having been avid users of LivePOS for four years, the company has also used the gift cards feature to help boost sales in one location and is currently in the process of rolling out the same system throughout all of the MetTrimMD locations – something made possible thanks to the LivePOS FMS franchise management system. With multiple locations to manage (and more planned), LivePOS has given each of these destinations access to sales and inventory information which would otherwise be unavailable.

"The LivePOS system is fast and responsive," says Todd Stanwood, Co-Founder of MetTrimMD. "The team is responsive and act fast – LivePOS has one of the best support teams out there, and are always available when you need any help. They have enabled us to set up new locations quickly and effectively."

Thanks to the multi-locational capabilities of the system, LivePOS can segregate each location – and help businesses grow without cumbersome software holding them back.

Find out more about LivePOS at the official website and discover MetTrimMD at or contact Scott Stanwood, Co-Founder.

Finding the Right POS System for your Franchise is Essential to Success, Says Experts at LivePOS

SAN DIEGO - May 2, 2019 -- Selecting the perfect POS system is a key cornerstone of business success for all franchises, say the expert team at LivePOS.

Choosing to work with LivePOS comes with numerous benefits for franchises of every size and scope, with a suite of features which help this smart tech stand out from the crowd.


Users can look forward to making use of convenient, cloud-based software which helps unburden computer systems and ensures everything required is accessible from any location. In addition, the LivePOS Online Dashboard can be used via both the website and a dedicated mobile app, for full connectivity on the go. LivePOS also has API capabilities for additional and customizable integrations, as well as EMV integration for swifter and more convenient credit and debit card payments.

There are a range of credit card options available, helping to make buying more accessible for a wider audience. As an additional convenience, LivePOS also has offline capabilities, so there's no need to worry about lost internet connections to make use of the platform.

Those using LivePOS will benefit from handy real-time reporting, perfect for monitoring progress without delay. Streamlined inventory management also makes sure users can easily keep track of the items for sale, while monitoring and managing multiple locations from a centralized dashboard – vital for a functioning franchise.

"We've created a platform which focuses on providing exactly what forward-thinking franchises need to make their businesses work," says Liad, CEO of LivePOS. "Thanks to the fantastic features and flexibility the platform offers, users can focus on the things which truly matter – growing their company and reaching new heights of success."

Find out more at the official website

Investing in Franchise POS Management Solutions Benefits Everyone, Says the Experts at LivePOS

SAN DIEGO - March 28, 2019 -- Cloud POS experts LivePOS is encouraging more companies to invest in the latest technology, by providing a comprehensive POS management solution which works for everyone.

The software offered at LivePOS ensures businesses of all sizes can benefit from innovation and increased efficiency, which is of particular use for franchises which require multiple points of sale.


LivePOS offers a number of great features including a centralized online dashboard for ease of use, no matter the technical ability of those monitoring the system and ensuring smooth communication across different locations. Using LivePOS also enables users to create managerial roles and limitless API integrations.

The platform allows for a series of additional functions such as providing centralized coupons and discounts to be generated and processed, as well as integration with Microsoft's Power BI.

LivePOS has a well-earned reputation as one of the premier POS software choices for franchises, and also offers extensive reporting and detailed sales reports, ensuring users can keep track of all the data they need via one cloud-based system. Added benefits include a customized approach to POS, helping franchises pick and choose the features which matter most to them.

"We strongly recommend that franchises look carefully at how their organization could benefit from improving their POS functionality," says Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS. "A POS system should work to help make things simpler, not complicate your business. We've created a simple solution to ensure franchises glean more value from their software, utilizing the Cloud to facilitate quick and easy access to data from different locations."

Taking a step away from clunky, outdated POS systems is a great way for companies to get more from their point-of-sale, and allows them to focus on building stronger and more innovative enterprises.

Find out more at the official website

Getting the most out of Black Friday - LivePOS brings you tips on how to get the most out of Black Friday

SAN DIEGO - Nov. 16, 2018 -- Black Friday is one of the biggest retail opportunities for acquiring new customers and boosting seasonal sales. Falling on Friday, November 23rd, Black Friday is well known as a day of huge discounts and shopping frenzy. Companies big and small can cash in on this retail holiday by simply implementing some of the tips below.


Traditional marketing that can increase traffic on Black Friday includes offering first-time shopper discounts,  special offers and discounts via holiday mailings, and increasing social media postings to expand your reach. Even establishing clear store policies that govern usage, sales and returns can make a huge difference to your Black Friday sales.

Using LivePOS, you can take things one step further. With features like Price Override, you can mix and match multiple discounts in one sale and quickly ring in per-item and pre-sale discounts. When the lines are long, streamline your checkout process and cut down queue times and transaction times by skipping the step that adds customers to your system. Or simply use the Quick Add customer feature where only a first and last name are needed. We make it quick and easy!

More holiday shopping means more customers to connect with. LivePOS' integration with MailChimp and ConstantContact can take your email campaigns to the next level. Personalize and tailor them to your customer's spending habits.  Also, take advantage of the LivePOS Facebook invitation feature as a means of increasing your social media audience so that you can stand out amongst the other Black Friday posts.

Tis the season of gifts! With LivePOS, selling gift cards and offering gift receipts for purchases can make the difference for new and existing customers. Both features are simple to set up and use. LivePOS also encourages you to stock up on all the materials you need to run your business and to have backup units in place in case of technological malfunction.

To find out more about LivePOS features, you can visit Upgrade your POS system and get all these features to help you find success for Black Friday sales and beyond.

LivePOS helps store owners spend more time with their family

SAN DIEGO - May 17, 2018 -- Innovative business platform LivePOS is helping business owners all over the country to run their business effectively and efficiently, without sacrificing that all-important family time.

Striking the work life and family life balance is often a difficult task, especially when you singlehandedly run a business, leaving people feeling like they just aren't getting enough quality time at home.


Business software provider LivePOS have factored this ideology into their business structure, and have designed their product around helping people to ensure that business runs smoothly, without sacrificing family life.

The team behind the platform have incorporated a variety of key features, making the resource a highly valuable time-saving piece of kit that helps boost business without draining time.

Some important aspects of LivePOS include:

·         Email/SMS notifications and alerts – find out what sales are made and when, in real-time, without being in the vicinity of the franchise.

·         Real-time access to the LivePOS Online Dashboard – see what is going on in the business no matter where you are. 24/7 access anytime and anywhere.

·         Live Inventory Management – see what stock levels are in real-time, as products are sold, meaning that supplies can be topped up immediately.

·         Authorization for a product transaction under the minimum price – products that are nominated for sale under the minimum price can be authorized via SMS/email.

CEO Liad Biton said: "At LivePOS we believe that in order to run a business to the best standard, it is important that life isn't all about work; being able to be at home with your family is just as important when it comes to getting the most out of business as being actually on the business premises."

"We developed this software in order to help business owners and managers get the best of both worlds – we want franchises to run effectively, but we also want the people behind the business to be able to reap the rewards of said business with those who matter most - family."

By designing the platform with lifestyle in mind, Liad believes that he has managed to create something that concentrates on making running a business as easy as possible. Managers and owners no longer have to be a slave to the routine, instead, they can work anywhere just as competently as being on the property.

Liad added: "When I go home, my mind still wanders to and from business, but with LivePOS, users can check up on what's going on, without having to go to the premises or get on the phone."

"LivePOS is determined to help other people make family their priority, just like we do."

To find out more about LivePOS, visit the official website

LivePOS Presents the Future of Cloud Management Systems for Chains and Franchises

SAN DIEGO - April 26, 2018 -- There's great news for CEOs and managers of enterprising chains and franchises, thanks to the POS experts at LivePOS. Offering the ability to analyze selling data in real-time, manage permissions from a dedicated Franchise dashboard, and cultivate as many separate stores or locations as needed through one system - LivePOS truly is the future of digital point of sale.


With a powerful back-end which can be accessed from anywhere, clients with an internet connection, the LivePOS system is ideal for managing multiple chains or locations through one dashboard. The company also offers superb support, 24/7 – ensuring problems are dealt with immediately as and when they occur. In addition, clients benefit from their own dedicated account manager and free training in using the platform, for smoother and more effective performance from the very start.

The LivePOS system is integrated with Microsoft's Power BI, allowing clients to access company-wide reports within a matter of seconds. This makes life much easier for those running chain companies and franchises, cutting down on the demands of multi-tasking by keeping all records in a centralized and secure inventory which they can trust.

Other benefits include the ability to control all promotions and discounts from the management dashboard, as well as controlling which vendors have access and retaining complete SKU control via the master inventory list. New store deployment is made much simpler thanks to the ability to cultivate uniformity, track royalties and take stock of company successes as they happen.

"At LivePOS, we strive to help chains and franchises meet and exceed their business goals," says Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS. "With all the tools these high-pressure companies need to forge more ambitious plans, the team at LivePOS are on hand to help transform them into reality."

The company is offering a free, no-obligation demonstration of the software in action, enabling potential clients to see this future-proof POS solution for themselves. To arrange a demo, simply head to To find out more about LivePOS, visit the official website

LivePOS: Cloud POS From small chains to large Franchises

SAN DIEGO - Jan. 2, 2018 -- The SaaS market is surging ahead with organizations exploring various functions in several software categories. Add to these, established players are actively securing and incorporating the most promising new services and CSBs are simplifying organizations' path into the cloud. Established in 2006, LivePOS is one such Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of real-time cloud Point of Sale (POS) solution for chains and franchises. The company strives to develop and provide the best POS system relevant to its customers' needs, which are easy to understand and use.


LivePOS is a Hybrid Cloud POS software solution that offers and allows its customer and inventory management users to view sales, track inventory and manage business operations from anywhere with an available internet connection. The system is suited for multi-location, multi-store retail operations. The company is privately held and employs over 150 people in its offices globally. Its corporate office is presently headquartered in Sunny La Jolla, California, while its other offices are sited in China, Israel, and the Philippines.

LivePOS is designed to deliver cost-effective and simple solutions to implement in small and mid-tier retailers, chains and franchises, who wish to grow their businesses. It can be used by a wide variety of businesses, such as clothing boutiques, cosmetics kiosks, sports shops, and bookstores. As a Hybrid POS solution, it consists of two parts; the store side and the admin site also known as LivePOS online dashboard.

The online dashboard is the focal point in the multi-location, multi-store retail operation. The centralized dashboard allows its customers to manage inventory, update pricing, employees, expenses and sales report anytime and anywhere with any internet capable device such as mobile phone, tablet or a laptop.

In the LivePOS online dashboard, all the store information is collected and displayed in a simple and cohesive manner, thereby making it easy to get real-time snapshots of your business.

LivePOS works one-on-one with prospective clients to assess their needs and showcase the features that would help in streamlining and simplifying their businesses. On the other hand, tech support is available 24×, hence ensuring every feature of the software is operational and the queries of each and every customer are addressed on time. In addition to the live support, it also includes an online support center that offers tons of helpful articles as well as providing access to several how-to videos, which is also included in the monthly pricing structure.

Since LivePOS is a real-time cloud POS solution, POS requirements of its customers are attended carefully i.e. data is backed up on daily basis, while version updates and new features are free of charge and is automatically available for customers when released.

Source: The 10 Most Innovative Merchandising Solution Providers 2017

LivePOS Releases New Feature set for Chains and Franchises

SAN DIEGO - Oct. 9, 2017 -- Every business dealing in sales, undergoing several transactions from a multitude of transactions, will want to be able to analyze how their sales are going and what areas are working well. If the business has various branches, they will want to compare the data of different locations and see who is performing the best (and the worst)!


These stats are particularly important during and after the holiday period when there is usually an influx of sales. Stores will also want to examine what effect the reductions and holiday sales had on their figures. Were the promotions worth it? Did they bring in more customers, but not increase the profit?

The following reports help any sales business get to know what's happening.

Location IPC Analysis

This report allows you to see how each location is performing and their figures during the holiday season. It nicely displays an invoice per customer, thereby making it very easy to determine how many customers you had during the period in question. The number of receipts = number of customers.

Product Gross Profit Report

A quick way to see how much money was earned during that period, including tax. The report will show the total sales including tax and the companies' cost. The difference between these figures is the gross profit.

Profit and Loss Report

This is a more detailed analysis of profits and expenses during the selected period. Daily reports are often analyzed, to understand what works for the business and what does not. All expenses are analyzed, including salary, rent, cost of products, plus utilities and sustenance. The P&L will still tell you how much you earned/lost during that period.

Refund Report

Refunds are a part of every sales business, so naturally, you want to know what can be done to decrease the frequency of them. Refund reports will detail every refund given during that period, and the reason for the refund. This can be analyzed to determine if there is a consistency in the types of products returned, location, or dates.

Coupon Usage Report

This report tells you which coupons are used most frequently in each location. This will help determine what promotions you should run in future in each location. An increase in the best-performing coupons could attract more customers to the business.

Coupon Efficiency Report

The coupon efficiency report is slightly different in that it analyses multi-use coupons. It displays stats on how often they are used. You can analyze multiple coupons at the same time and compare their stats in a spreadsheet, or visually in a graph.

LivePOS Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Power Business Intelligence is a software, developed by Microsoft, that allows you to analyze data and share insights. When integrated with LivePOS, you can take the data directly from your sales, and explore metrics in real-time. You can create stunning visuals and have up to date reports for the whole team to analyze right away.

OXXO Chooses LivePOS to Power Their US based C-Stores

Oct. 9, 2015 -- LivePOS, an enterprise cloud point of sale provider, is powering the registers in OXXO’s new stores across America. The convenience store giant operates over 12,000 c-stores in Mexico and Latin America. OXXO has chosen LivePOS as their point of sale platform for its flexibility and multi-location, cloud-based model.


Dekel Ezri, LivePOS Account Manager for OXXO, comments, “OXXO looked at a good number of providers before choosing to partner with LivePOS. Their search focused on a cloud solution with a mature platform that can scale as they add more and more locations. LivePOS was also helpful in adding specific features that they requested along the way. OXXO found the LivePOS solution to be powerful, yet easy to use and having 24/7 phone support for stores that are open late and during weekends is a great added bonus for them.”

Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS, comments, “We welcome OXXO into the LivePOS family and thank Sergio, Maria, and their team for the great execution of this project. Like many other companies who choose LivePOS for their business needs, OXXO required a number of features and tweaks to our system, which we happily provided. As we continue to grow our enterprise solution to accommodate more customers, we remain focused on keeping the LivePOS solution powerful, yet easy and simple to use.”

OXXO is planning to use LivePOS in hundreds of their c-stores as they grow their locations count around the United States.

Their continued commitment to excellence, mobility and simplicity made LivePOS one of the leading cloud point of sale providers for franchises -- inline, seasonal and now mobile. For more information on a free 14-day trial of their software, please see the LivePOS website at

LivePOS releases Cloud friendly enterprise features in version 7.0

April 29, 2015 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based point of sale software company, released the newest edition of its award-winning platform last week. Version 7.0 introduces a variety of new cloud tools, as well as updates to old tools as suggested by real-life users. This promises to be the most flexible and responsive version of the software to date and includes features that are easily scalable from a single user shop to the enterprise level.


There’s plenty to explore in LivePOS version 7.0, including these modules and updates:

Sub-Products and Mini Kits. Users loved the kitting options available in older versions of LivePOS, but sometimes the full module was overkill. Now, smaller kits of just a few items can easily be added to product inventories to speed up the sales of items that are always packaged together, such as computer systems, mice and keyboards. The sub-items can still be sold independently, providing more packaging flexibility.

Second Printer and Print Size Options. LivePOS’s ground-breaking work order module is even better when paired with a secondary printer. Repairs and special orders can be sent directly to a printer located in the repair or fabrication area of the business, keeping work orders right where they should be and eliminating the risk of lost paperwork. This update also allows you to print to either a 3-inch printer or a standard page size printer.

Customizable “How Did You Hear About Us?” Module. Businesses love to ask their customers “How did you hear about us?” to better track marketing spending. With this new LivePOS module, cashiers can be prompted to ask this pressing question. They’ll be presented with a customized list of answers, providing business managers and owners with the data they need to make better decisions about allocating their funds. The data can even be filtered on the back end to provide reports and targeted lists for email blasts and snail mail campaigns.

Warranty Tracking. Older versions of LivePOS allowed businesses to remove replacement items from inventory using the “Damaged/Missing” feature, but did not allow that transaction to be connected to a specific customer. LivePOS 7.0 gives you the power to fully track your warranties and attach a history to each customer.

POS Pole Display Support. LivePOS is back on the pole so customers can follow each transaction as it happens. Both USB standalone poles and the built-in display on the back of the AerPOS are again supported.

Suspended Sale Changes. The old suspend sale feature deleted sales when the LivePOS software was closed or the computer rebooted, but not anymore. After discovering that many customers used this feature as a mini work order of sorts, it has now been changed to allow those suspended sales to save indefinitely.

Reference Numbers Per Transaction. Ordering online and collecting the order in store has become a popular way for customers to shop -- so LivePOS created an option for this type of business to track their in-store pickup orders. When an order is paid or picked up, the reference number is entered in the transaction, allowing managers to see at a glance which orders have still not been completed.

LivePOS 7.0 takes point of sale to another level. By listening to customer demands and responding promptly, the LivePOS team continues to bring world-class enterprise level cloud-based technology to businesses across the globe. A free, no risk software trial is available at

Polaroid Fotobar Selects LivePOS for Their Retail Stores!

Feb. 3, 2015 -- Like so many of LivePOS’s happy customers, George and the people at Polaroid Fotobar had very specific ideas about what they wanted their point of sale software to do. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a software company that was willing to turn their dreams into reality.

George Garcia, Chief Information Officer for Polaroid Fotobar, explains; “LivePOS customized their system to allow us to take transactions from our proprietary system and import them into their point of sale software in real-time. Any LivePOS user can now utilize that function, but that work was done specifically for us.”

“There were several things we were looking for in a point of sale system. On the technical side, I wanted something that had a good open API so I could integrate it with both our back end and front end systems. The API was the main thing on my end. We also wanted to make sure our POS had good loss prevention features and was something that had an easy to use interface.”

“Their API is very robust. You can see that a lot of work and planning went into creating it. With LivePOS I can create a complete, enterprise grade solution for Polaroid Fotobar.”

“Initially, we were running another POS at a few stores, but they didn't provide us with the customizations and integrations that we needed, that's why we moved to Live. LivePOS is also simpler than other packages we looked at, which saves on training costs.”

George spent over 6 months researching point of sale software packages before choosing LivePOS. He appreciated the simplicity of LivePOS on his first pass through and the extensive video library answered most of the questions he had about what the software package was capable of doing before he ever contacted the company directly.

“They have more material out there than any vendor that I saw while I was researching point of sale systems. It’s great! It saves a lot of time when you can go through the videos and see what the user interface looks like and what you can and can't do rather than having to ask a lot of questions or doing a demo over the phone. It's very useful.”

We’re doing integrations on the back end first. When a transaction’s completed in LivePOS, we can have the API grab that data from every store and import it into our back end system.That gives us real time inventory, reporting and so forth for multiple locations. Having every single transaction come into that system within a few seconds is very advantageous to us.”

The folks at Polaroid Fotobar chose LivePOS after a long and exhaustive search for software that started last year. When asked if they would recommend LivePOS to a friend, George gave the package hearty thumbs up.

“LivePOS has a very intuitive interface, good loss prevention features, it’s easy to implement and the support is great. We wanted to make sure we could get somebody on the phone, not just via email, but rather on a 24/7 basis. That, plus the fact that they were so accommodating in doing the custom work we required sealed the deal. We talked to a number of vendors about our customizations and it was either going to very costly or they simply wouldn't do it. I definitely would recommend LivePOS to Franchisor looking for an affordable, feature-rich, easy to use POS system that takes advantage of the Cloud and is backed by great people.”

Any Lab Test Now Selects Enterprise Cloud POS Provider LivePOS to Roll Out Over 150 Retail Clinics

June 12, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based enterprise point of sale software developer, celebrates their new customer, Any Lab Test Now®, a retail lab testing company that provides direct access to lab testing services, empowering communities across the U.S. to take control of their health and healthcare budgets.  Any Lab Test Now’s 147 nationwide clinics are taking advantage of the new Work Order Module to optimize their unique medical business model.  The flexibility built into LivePOS’s cloud-based enterprise retail point of sale solution continues to encourage subscribers like Any Lab Test Now to find better, more efficient ways of managing customer orders.


Any Lab Test Now is the first company to provide direct access lab testing at affordable prices to any customer or patient referred by their physician, regardless of their insured status.  Any Lab Test Now either accepts a person’s physician’s order for lab tests, or provides one on their behalf. They offer thousands of clinical, nutritional, allergy and other routine medical lab tests for chronic conditions such as diabetes; as well as drug testing, STD testing, and DNA paternity testing.  Giving patients total control over their testing has changed the lives of thousands of Any Lab Test Now customers, who can opt to receive email or text alerts when their results are available through the new software.

Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now, “We are fortunate to have found LivePOS due to their willingness to implement changes unique to our business and we’re looking forward to a long partnership.  With the LivePOS system, franchisees will have a system that is easy to use, and provide better insight into managing their businesses effectively.”

Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS; “We are very excited in welcoming Any Lab Test Now to the LivePOS Family.  As a company, Any Lab Test Now has a very unique business module, one that required us to modify and tweak pieces of our solution to accommodate their special needs.  Working with Clarissa and the great corporate team at Any Lab Test Now has proven to be an amazing and engaging experience”.

Now that the LivePOS integration into their existing system is complete, Any Lab Test Now is ready to move their business to the next level.  With the new Work Order Module, Any Lab Test Now customers can be even more confident that their tests will be tracked and handled with extreme accuracy.  The LivePOS cloud solution implemented throughout the franchise means better customer service and shorter wait time for results. A future integration with a 3rd party provider will allow customers to log in to Any Lab Test Now’s secure website and review their results right there, on their iPhone, iPad or any other internet connected device.

Franchises like Any Lab Test Now are finding more things to love about LivePOS as the system continues to expand to address the needs of businesses everywhere.  From single location stores to multi-national chains, LivePOS’s Cloud Enterprise Solution is simply a great fit.

About LivePOS:

LivePOS is the only true multi-store, multi-location cloud POS solution with a laser focus on Enterprise and Franchise companies. More and more Enterprise users adopt LivePOS to their daily business needs, making LivePOS the De facto choice in Cloud Point of Sale solutions for the enterprise. For more information on a free 14-day trial of their software, please see the LivePOS website at


Founded in 1992, ANY LAB TEST NOW is a franchise direct access lab testing company that provides thousands of standard lab tests to consumers and businesses in a professional, convenient and cost-effective, transparent manner.  With over 150 facilities around the U.S., ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a variety of affordable and confidential lab tests to consumers and businesses including general health and wellness panels, pregnancy, HIV/STD, drug, paternity and many more tests. To learn more about ANY LAB TEST NOW, visit or like us on Facebook,

LivePOS Brings Enterprise Service & Repair into the Cloud

April 28, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based Cloud point of sale provider, continues to bring innovative system integration to the world of POS systems.  Their most recent development, a Cloud work order module for the Service and Repair industries, is the first of its kind – allowing merchants to completely integrate with a customer information database as well as the store’s point of sale system.


The new work order module creates a complete package that takes the vendor from the acceptance of an intake repair item through all the steps required to customize or service it, then allows the vendor to take a picture, collect a deposit, and even invoice the customer (for example Net 30), all without any other software packages or manual manipulation of the process.  Even better, all of this synchronizes with LivePOS’s robust Online Dashboard, a Cloud based backend management that can run on any device.

When Joe Customer calls in to check on his watch repair, anyone can answer his questions, no matter what stage of repair his watch is in.  As the repair team adds items to the work order, the friendly faces at the counter can update Joe on the status. Joe can also opt to receive automated notifications.  Any time the work order is updated or changed, he’ll get an email or text message to his mobile device or computer.

For stores that have long struggled with bulky interfaces, expensive network servers and the risk of lost data, this newest LivePOS module simplifies the whole process.  Since LivePOS is a hybrid Cloud solution, merchants can enjoy the quiet of offline protection (in case the Internet goes down) while still enjoying the full benefits of an Enterprise Cloud Solution.

The Service and Repair Work Order module was built as part of LivePOS’s flagship product (LivePOS Retail), which automatically enables it for multi-location, multi-store operations in enterprise and franchise environments. In fact one of the early companies to use this amazing module is Fast Fix Inc.  The industry leader in jewelry and watch repair.  The Work Order module is used in a verity of services, from iPhone and iPad repairs, down to furniture customization and auto body shops.  Any scenario that requires a product to be serviced or repaired is covered by this new Cloud enabled module.

This revolutionary LivePOS Work Order module replaces multiple disconnected pieces of hardware into one beautiful cloud POS system that is both robust and easy to use, a combination that many other POS products in the market are lacking. For more information on a free 14-day trial of their software, please see the LivePOS website at

Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair Selects Enterprise Cloud POS Provider LivePOS to Roll Out Over 150 Stores

SAN DIEGO - March 27, 2014 -- LivePOS, a San Diego-based enterprise software developer, is proud to announce that Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, Inc. has chosen their point of sale system to service 155+ stores and help organize future expansion.  Fast Fix is the America’s leading jewelry and watch repair franchise, with locations in Regional Shopping Malls throughout the country.  Following the evaluation of over 100 point of sale software providers, the company made a strategic decision to move forward with a system-wide deployment of the LivePOS platform.


What set LivePOS apart from other companies was their willingness to create custom features for Fast Fix, including a cloud-based work order module that schedules and tracks repair intakes.  This module is now available to other LivePOS customers, allowing other franchises to take advantage of the integrated repair work order system.  In fact, it’s not unusual for the LivePOS team to develop custom modules for their customers, both new and old.  That sort of personalized service is what won Fast Fix’s CEO, Mike Meyers, over in the end.

“The developers at LivePOS went out of their way to develop a module that worked for our business, instead of trying to force us to work with a less than ideal pre-designed software package,” Meyers said.  “They were more than happy to add the features that we needed, making LivePOS a truly all-in-one package.  Their customer service is phenomenal -- they were really there for us through all stages of our implementation.”

Mr. Meyers is the former CEO of GNC, Inc., a franchise specializing in vitamins and nutritional supplements.  Under his watch the franchise grew from 900 mall-based stores to over 6,000 locations worldwide that generated $1.5 billion in revenue.  He is now applying the same tactics to growing Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs, Inc. and helping it to expand into new markets.  With the help of LivePOS, each new franchise will seamlessly integrate into the existing network without having to waste a lot of time training employees.  In fact, many LivePOS-powered locations say their employees pick up the point of sale module almost intuitively.

LivePOS has made a name for itself with its extremely powerful, user-friendly, multi-location, Cloud enterprise platform.  The flexible software is as powerful in single stores as it is running large international franchises, but really shines when customers like Fast Fix require specific customization.  The LivePOS team has designed special modules and specific software integration for industries ranging from seasonal mall photography studios to permanent stores with complicated inventory and feature enhancements like Fast Fix.

Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS; “We are honored to be part of the Fast Fix family and enjoy working with Mike and the great team at Fast Fix Corporate.  We are especially impressed with their ability to provide amazing craftsmanship at a great price, while pursuing an almost fanatic adherence to customer service and customer satisfaction.”

Continued commitment to excellence, mobility and simplicity made LivePOS one of the leading Cloud Point of sale solution providers for franchises and enterprise users.  For more information on a free 14 day trial of their software, please see the LivePOS website at

LivePOS Releases Version 5.5 with Cloud Features Focusing on Enterprise and Franchise Stores

SAN DIEGO - Oct. 9, 2013 -- LivePOS, the San Diego-based leader in enterprise cloud-based retail solutions, has launched version 5.5 of their wildly successful software.  This version features more customization options than ever before, arming franchisees and enterprise users with everything they need to run a booming retail store, be it a single location or a far-flung empire.


Among a long list of new Enterprise specific features, the newly added Dynamic Kits option was originally designed to accommodate a LivePOS merchant operating a large national chain. The nature of the business encouraged shoppers to simply walk around the store and pick any product they want.  The problem was the delay in check-out time because a large number of coupons had to be manually applied at the point of sale.  This created long lines and customer frustration.

With the introduction of the new Kits & Packages module, all of this is now a thing of the past.  Shoppers can now roam the store, selecting any product(s) they want.  At the point of sale, the LivePOS system will automatically bundle all appropriate random products into a kit, and apply the appropriate discount, all without the need to apply any manually coupons or discounts.

Another noticeable upgrade in this version enables retailers to create coupons that can be redeemed only on specific items or categories. LivePOS merchants can now utilize two types of coupons, per-item coupon and per-sale coupon.  The system will allow the merchant to ring these coupons on top of the other, giving franchisees the ability to provide their own discount in addition to the corporate- created coupons.

The new CRM has improved on an already powerful tool by cleaning up the customer information page, making important customer-centric statistics like total purchases and number of transactions more visible to retailers.  A cleaner customer result interface simplifies the display for customer look ups, which now allow searches by customer name, as well as email or phone number, helping retailers and franchisees better connect with customers.

Other additions include full support for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems, support for a long list of 3” receipt printers, and a new partnership with the hardware manufacturer FEC, makers of the AerPOS POS unit.

LivePOS releases ver 5.4 with laser focus on inventory management in a multi-store environment

LA JOLLA, Calif. - June 19, 2013 -- LivePOS Inc., a leader in Enterprise retail POS Cloud solutions seeks to simplify inventory management with its latest POS features.  

Liad Biton, CEO, explains, “Not having sufficient levels of inventory or having too much inventory hurts retailers’ bottom line. Our latest features enable retailers to automate and customize inventory ordering, thereby greatly reducing the problem”


The Vendor-PO dashboard allows retailers to order inventory directly from the POS.  The retailer simply has to choose the product and quantity to be ordered.  The POS will then email the vendor the purchase order.  The entire order process takes seconds.  The Vendor-PO dashboard lists all of the prior purchase orders along with whether they were fulfilled or not.  

Using the Auto-PO feature, retailers can set minimum inventory threshold for each product.  Once inventory falls below the minimum amount, the POS will generate and email a purchase order to the designated vendor.  The retailer will receive a copy of the email for records keep.

The Vendor PO Wish list is a quick and easy way for retailers to order new products from a specific vendor, instantly creating a new purchase order with a simple click of the mouse.

Other improvements include support for product pictures, dynamic attributes, transaction tagging (for backend processing) and boosted performance.

An array of new supporting hardware was added as well, including support for a customer display pole (VFD), Topaz signature pad, Zebra barcode printer and Magtek MSR.

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About LivePOS:

LivePOS was established in 2006 as the FIRST cloud point of sale solution.  Over the years, thousands of merchant from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich.  LivePOS is used daily by thousands of people across 20+ countries, cementing its place as a leader in retail cloud POS.  As a true global company, LivePOS provides FREE 24x7x 365 supports to all customers, regardless of business size.

LivePOS can be reached at 888-884-9224 or

LivePOS Aims to Boost Retailers’ Sales

SAN DIEGO - March 11, 2013 -- LivePOS, a worldwide leader in cloud POS solutions has released features designed to increase retailers’ revenues.  Liad Biton, LivePOS’s CEO explains: “We focused on the main ingredients that go into selling: customer interaction, great products, and motivated employees.  We then built a feature that will assist to manage each of these ingredients.”


The Sales Blitz feature creates competition amongst the company employees to become the top sellers.  Retailers can offer bonuses to the top sellers, thereby incentivizing employees to sell more.  Employees can log into the POS and keep track of their performance versus the others, thus encouraging them to double their efforts to sell.

Retail owners who use LivePOS can now accept special tenders including Traveler’s Check, Square, and PayPal by customizing the tender options in the POS.  The increased payment flexibility provides customers with more freedom on how to pay.   

Retailers can retain customer information, customize email campaigns, and then email customers right from the POS.  By sorting customers by zip code, number of purchases, or even birthday, retailers can create highly targeted email campaigns.  For instance, an email campaign sent to all customers born this month, wishing them a happy birthday, and offering them a 20% discount on their next purchase, will encourage customers to come back.  

For many retailers, a small number of products make the bulk of sales.  The Product Tagging feature enables retailers to tag the best selling products, thus creating specialized reports that ensure adequate inventory levels and healthy profit margins.  Newly released products can also be tagged in order to track the success of the new product launch. 

Liad Biton says “We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers.  The new features have received great reviews.  We are delighted to help our customers increase sales.”

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About LivePOS:

LivePOS was established in 2006 as the FIRST cloud point of sale solution.  Over the years, thousands of merchant from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich.  LivePOS is used daily by thousands of people across 15 countries, cementing its place as a leader in retail cloud POS.  As a true global company, LivePOS provides FREE 24x7x365 support to all customers, regardless of business size.

LivePOS can be reached at 888-884-9224 or

LivePOS releases Cloud friendly enterprise features in version 5.0

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- LivePOS Inc, a pioneer in cloud POS solutions, has released features that enable enterprises to better manage their retail locations all from a central location in the cloud.

A major problem enterprises face is the shortage or oversupply of inventory. Enterprises using LivePOS can track the entire supply chain in real-time, and thereby alleviate the problem.  Through the POS, enterprises can receive purchase orders, track shipment, and confirm inventory receipt at the location.


Enterprises require employees to have varying access levels to the POS.  For instance, warehousing personnel should be able to access inventory purchase orders and stock levels but not payroll.  Meanwhile, the CEO should be able to access all features.  LivePOS enables senior managers to choose which features each employee can and cannot access.  The list can be later edited, in case the employee changes roles.

Senior managers can restrict access not only by feature but also by location or region.  Consequently, location managers can retrieve information only on their location.

LivePOS has also released features that enable the comparison of sales, inventory, and employees across locations and regions in either a numerical or graphical format.  Senior managers can then make data-based decisions to drive the enterprise forward.  

The POS also logs the date, time and feature each employee has accessed such that enterprise decision makers have an accurate understanding of what features employees spend their time on.

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About LivePOS:

LivePOS was established in 2006 as the FIRST cloud point of sale solution.  Over the years, thousands of merchant from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich.  LivePOS is used daily by thousands of people across 15 countries, cementing its place as a leader in retail cloud POS.  As a true global company, LivePOS provides FREE 24x7x365 support to all customers, regardless of business size.

LivePOS can be reached at 888-884-9224 or

LivePOS releases environmentally friendly features

Jan. 9, 2013 -- LivePOS Inc., the leading POS Solution for Specialty Retailers, has released features that lower usage of paper and ink and in turn help save the environment.

Businesses and consumers are making efforts to lower their carbon footprint.  In many cases, green measures also lower costs and increase efficiency.  LivePOS is committed to reducing specialty retailers’ expenses and at the same time making the sector more environmentally friendly.  As a result, LivePOS has released electronic customer receipts and manager SMS text alerts.


Shoppers who prefer receiving receipts via email or text instead of paper can now do so.  Sales clerks can email or text receipts straight from the POS to the shopper.  The feature reduces paper and ink waste while allowing shoppers to manage their receipts electronically. Additionally, specialty retailers can obtain the contact information of the shopper, a major advantage for those who have a customer loyalty program.

LivePOS has also released the manager SMS text alerts.  Managers can choose to receive a number of reports via text instead of printing them, thus saving paper and ink. By receiving alerts notifying of important events, busy managers can keep tabs of their locations from far away.  For instance, managers receive a text message if an item is running low on inventory or if a store is late to open its doors in the morning.  

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About LivePOS:

LivePOS was established in 2006 as the FIRST cloud point of sale solution.  Over the years, thousands of merchant from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich.  LivePOS is used daily by thousands of people across 15 countries, cementing its place as a leader in retail cloud POS.  As a true global company, LivePOS provides FREE 24x7x365 support to all customers, regardless of business size.

LivePOS can be reached at 888.884.9224 or

LivePOS introduces the App Center

Nov. 8, 2012 -- LivePOS Inc, a pioneer in cloud POS solutions, has released the App Center, enabling retailers to instantly connect in-store POS systems with a rapidly growing number of web shopping services.

Consumers increasingly rely on online stores, blogs and social media to research products and prices, before deciding which stores to visit.  Retailers who do not provide a unified shopping experience across physical and virtual world are at a strategic disadvantage.  Traditional IT approaches for bridging those worlds are no longer viable, given the explosive growth of online retail services.


LivePOS with App Center provides a one-click solution to integrate and synchronize in-store POS solutions with online services.  For instance, retailers who use LivePOS in their brick and mortar store and Shopify for their online store can now integrate the two by downloading the Shopify App from the LivePOS App Center.  The inventories of the brick and mortar and online store will then link and consumers will be able to determine the product line and inventory levels of the physical store by visiting the online store.

As another example, Perkville provides retailers with an easy and powerful way to setup a customer loyalty program.  A retailer who uses the Perkville and LivePOS solutions can now link the two together by downloading the Perkville App from the LivePOS App Center.  The POS consumer database will automatically synchronize email information across those systems, providing for more targeted email campaigns.

Customers can access the App Center online, though their POS dashboards.  There, they can click on the app they want to add and within minutes, integration is complete.  The App Center is easy to use.  Customers can even make suggestion on what apps they like to see released next.

Liad Biton, LivePOS’s CEO says “the App Center makes it easier for retailers to compete online.  By releasing apps that will connect the physical store with the internet, LivePOS will help retailers in social media, online sales, inventory control, employee management, store security and more.  We have gotten positive feedback from our customers for the apps that we have released and are working on adding more integration for our ever growing App Center, which we plan to release soon.”

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About LivePOS:

LivePOS was established in 2006 as the FIRST cloud point of sale solution.  Over the years, thousands of merchant from all walks of life joined the LivePOS platform, making it both diverse and feature rich.  LivePOS is used daily by thousands of people across 15 countries, cementing its place as a leader in retail cloud POS.  As a true global company, LivePOS provides FREE 24x7x365 support to all customers, regardless of business size.

LivePOS can be reached at 888-884-9224 or

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