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Cloud Retail Management Solutions

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Launch . Grow . Franchise

Cloud Retail Management Solutions

Single Store

Utilizing the Cloud, LivePOS gives you full control over all your stores, regardless of their physical location.

Multi Store

Manage inventory, customers, employees and much more across multiple outlets with a simple click of the mouse.


Create specific Access Levels for your store managers, employees, and even your accountant.

Hybrid Cloud POS

Real-Time access, automatic upgrades and free 24×7 phone support.

EMV Ready

LivePOS is Chip & Pin Ready.

Powerful Backend

Access your information from any Internet connected device.

Hardware Compatibility

Already invested in a windows POS computer? We can work with that.

5-Star Support

24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we never close!


Pop Up

Service & Repair

Medical & Healthcare

Chain and Franchise Cloud POS

Instantaneous sales reporting across the entire franchise

Kiss those excel sheets goodbye!

Royalty Reporting

Faxes? Excel sheets? No more.
Royalty reporting just got digital

Analyze in Real-Time

Know who is selling, what they are selling,
and where are they selling it.

Manage Permissions

Need to segregate access to your
Franchise dashboard? We got you covered.


From two, to two thousand, the LiveFMS system
scales as you grow your business.

Live Aggregation

Crunch huge amounts of data in
one simple click.

Track Everything

Keep a close eye on trends,
discounts and promotional campaigns.

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Multi-Store Operations

Track sales, revenue, employees and expenses in one centralized Dashboard. Update pricing, passwords, discounts and promos in one simple click. Manage inventory vendor purchase orders and set re-order points, all and much more from the comfort of your work or home computer.

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Enterprise Grade API

Whether it’s your accounting software or your email marketing solution, the LivePOS API allows you to pull and push information across any data point, keeping your business up to date in real-time.

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Work Orders & Repairs

Take in repairs and work orders in 30 seconds or less. Collect customer information, take a picture of the item, even collect a deposit upfront, everything you need to run your service business is now available on this new addition to the LivePOS product line.

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