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Buffalo, Minnesota

“The ability to be able to check the sales of the store, regardless of where you are, is unbelievable to almost the point of being addictive! I’ve heard of several shop owners checking their phones every half hour to look in on their stores.”
When you’re a Lillians franchisee, keeping in the loop is absolutely essential to success; just ask Dawn Boe. These stores are only open through the weekend in most areas so they have a limited window to earn enough money to keep running for the rest of the week. Adding LivePOS to their stores has meant a lot of changes for the Lillians family, but everybody’s loving their newfound freedom. It wasn’t long ago that they were ringing sales on cash registers – but after an exhaustive hunt, the franchise was brought into the 21st century.
“Previous to this, we were all on manual cash registers, but we went on a search for close to three years for software that would meet our needs. When we began discussions with LivePOS, we knew it was the system for us. They were willing to do some things development-wise that we needed and they made it happen surprisingly quick. It’s great how you can ask about a feature one day, and they won’t have it available, but a month later it’ll be in the middle of development.”
While deploying more and more stores every month, Dawn is impressed with the steady support the LivePOS Tech Team has provided throughout the arduous computerization process. She never imagined she would find a POS system provider that would be so responsive to her stores’ needs and genuinely care about her user experience even nearly a year after the sale of the first system. When your business is only open on the weekends, it’s vital that your systems stay up and running when customers are ready to buy.
“We went live with our first store in 2012; their support doesn’t waiver. LivePOS has 24/7 tech support, 365 days a year and that is unheard of in this industry. They’re such a fun group of people to deal with, too. I’ve been dealing a lot with the support team because I’m testing different versions as they come out – I have to be sure changes are completely ready before they’re implemented in our stores. Ami and Mika are so passionate and funny, and they get things done. You can really tell this is what they love to do. I think that trickles down to the rest of the company.”
“I would absolutely recommend LivePOS in a heartbeat. Part of it is that it’s a full-service kind of software and it has the depth of functionality at a price that everyone that can afford. There are POS systems out there that cost thousands of dollars and you still pay every time you pick up the phone. That’s not the case with LivePOS. They are a software company that goes above and beyond for everyone, from the one shop business to multi-store applications. They’re just continually developing, continually innovating, continually improving.”
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