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Zagg Inc.

Salt Lake City, Utah

“There are no blackouts. The LivePOS team gives you plenty of notice beforehand when there’s going to be downtime and they will update you if anything changes. They do most updates overnight so that you don’t have any software downtime during business hours.”
Late night updates are nice, but the true litmus test of any software is technical support. How representatives respond when you’re ready to throw your equipment out the window separates the good companies from the great ones. LivePOS employees won’t antagonize you – they’re there to help.
"The technical support team is amazing – they’re very efficient, the employees are so polite and very understanding when you have a frustrating problem. The LivePOS software allows technical support to connect directly to your computer and solve your problem right away. They also follow up with email and phone calls – they are really on top of their stuff”
“They’re a very good company. I’d not want to change to a different software because of the relationship I’ve built with LivePOS.  If I need an answer and I need it really quick, they’re ready to help me out. They’re a great team and very supportive.”
“LivePOS is very user-friendly, it’s great software with helpful support.  They’re just amazing people. They take care of me. I feel really thankful that they’re there to help me out with everything I’m doing in my business.”
Even after using the product for four long years, Fahd Issa is just as in love with the system as someone who’s setting up their LivePOS terminals for the first time. Fahd was recently named the top Zagg franchisee and he couldn’t have done it without the help of LivePOS. According to him, Zagg and LivePOS go together like peas and carrots.
“All the elements of the package come together perfectly. LivePOS is the ideal software for Zagg! It’s a great company. I think we work very well with LivePOS. I have even recommended it to a lot of friends. LivePOS is the easiest, most user-friendly point-of-sale software you will find to work with. It’s very efficient at all the things you need to do to run a business.”
Selling hundreds of different cell phone accessories requires a lot of attention to detail. With the LivePOS software, Fahd can easily determine when it’s time to order new stock, see at a glance which items are selling the best and even examine sales trends. Knowledge is power, as they say, and for Fahd, it certainly seems like all this information has helped push him to the top.
“I use the system for tracking inventory and employee sales – I can see how they’re doing performance wise. I also use it for all of my payroll, it makes the work so much easier. LivePOS tells me a lot of things about each location as well, like how it has been doing overall. I can compare my sales from previous years and see where I am this year. The dashboard has a lot of detail and it’s so easy!”
As a successful business owner like Fahd can tell you, even the best software is useless if it’s down for maintenance when it should be busy working. This isn’t a problem for users of LivePOS. Unless there’s a software emergency, the program is updated at times that are convenient for business owners. Less downtime means more money in your pocket - something everybody can use.
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