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Worldwide Photography​

Hockley, Texas

In addition to providing Worldwide Photography with unprecedented mobile stability, the LivePOS package allows Alex to worked closely with the support team to design customizations that will improve his business. When a new report or function is designed for the software, it becomes available to all LivePOS customers, but the responsiveness of the team makes every upgrade a very personal experience.
“What’s unique and remarkable about the LivePOS team is that they make you feel like you’re their number one priority – you don’t get that kind of top-notch service anymore. The team at LivePOS believes that if they take good care of us, our loyalty will continue to provide revenue over the long term. That was refreshing after having run into the opposite mentality from so many other venders.”
Worldwide Photography isn’t the only photography kiosk using LivePOS to streamline their business operations – Alex has been telling others about the power and flexibility of the software.
“We recently recommended LivePOS to our sister company. As of this year, they will be adding LivePOS to all of their stores. Like us, they appreciate the simplicity of the program, the cloud-based advantages, the adaptability with our ever-changing needs and the flexibility in accommodating a seasonal, cyclical business. LivePOS is very adaptable in our environment; there are very few that can do that and we appreciate it.”
“The beauty of LivePOS lies in its flexibility and adaptability – with all the features it has, you’d expect it to be a product that has to be stationary, but it’s not! It’s nice to finally have a product that works so well while still being mobile. Most systems are set up to be run non-stop for five years, but we can’t do that because we’re constantly reopening stores.”
Alex Allen and Worldwide Photography are always on the move, and for good reason.  They make sure that children everywhere get a chance to be photographed with Santa or the Easter Bunny. Making that kind of magic come to life year after year requires reliable software that workers can learn quickly.
“Because we’re so temporary, the setup window is small. Being able to load up a terminal and open for business in a matter of hours is just remarkable. The LivePOS software is very intuitive and user-friendly.”
Worldwide Photography was once plagued by software problems because of their unique business structure. The point-of-sale packages they were using simply couldn’t bend and flex enough for a portable business. All of that changed after Alex and his team scoured malls in Houston looking for a software package that worked for the kiosks and other small businesses ther.  That was when they discovered LivePOS.
“The businesses that seemed generally unaffected by POS issues were all using LivePOS. It seemed like it fit into their process so well that they just turned it on and used it and went home. It’s so intuitive that you almost don’t notice it’s there – it just blends into your business model. Keeping it simple and streamlined is something the team has done well.”
“Because our season is so short, we have to get in and make our revenue in just 45 days.  Every day is precious and every day counts. In the past, we’d run into data issues or execution issues and we’d be down for days on end. Not only did we lose revenue, but we lost favor with the mall client because we weren’t providing the service we were supposed to provide.”
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