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Any Lab Test Now!

Alpharetta, Georgia

“We are fortunate to have found LivePOS due to their willingness to implement changes unique to our business and we’re looking forward to a long partnership. With the LivePOS system, franchisees will have a system that is easy to use, and provide better insight into managing their businesses effectively.”
– Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now
Now that the LivePOS integration into their existing system is complete, Any Lab Test Now is ready to move their business to the next level. With the new work order module, Any Lab Test Now customers can be even more confident that their tests will be tracked and handled with extreme accuracy. The LivePOS cloud solution implemented throughout the franchise means better customer service and shorter wait time for results. A future integration with a 3rd party provider will allow customers to log in to Any Lab Test Now’s secure website and review their results right there, on their iPhone, iPad or any other internet connected device.
LivePOS celebrates their new customer, Any Lab Test Now, a retail lab testing company that provides direct access to lab testing services, empowering communities across the U.S. to take control of their health and healthcare budgets. Any Lab Test Now’s 147 nationwide clinics are taking advantage of the new work order module to optimize their unique medical business model. The flexibility built into LivePOS’s cloud-based enterprise retail point-of-sale solution continues to encourage subscribers like Any Lab Test Now to find better, more efficient ways of managing customer orders.
"We are very excited in welcoming Any Lab Test Now to the LivePOS family. As a company, Any Lab Test Now has a very unique business model; one that required us to modify and tweak pieces of our solution to accommodate their special needs. Working with Clarissa and the great corporate team at Any Lab Test Now has proven to be an amazing and engaging experience.”
– Liad Biton, CEO of LivePOS
Any Lab Test Now is the first company to provide direct access lab testing at affordable prices to any customer or patient referred by their physician, regardless of their insured status. Any Lab Test Now either accepts a person’s physician’s order for lab tests or provides one on their behalf. They offer thousands of clinical, nutritional, allergy and other routine medical lab tests for chronic conditions such as diabetes, as well as drug testing, STD testing, and DNA paternity testing. Giving patients total control over their testing has changed the lives of thousands of Any Lab Test Now customers, who can opt to receive email or text alerts when their results are available through the new software.
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