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Non-Taxable Item Sold
List of non-taxable items sold (items that have tax and items that are tax exempt, from Update Location Inventory page).
Demo Products Exchange
A report where you may view the test products or sample items used at the location.
A chart consisting of items missing and damaged in a location complete with its corresponding date and time, category and the employee on shift.
Products Sold with Attributes
Similar to the products sold feature only with an added bonus — Attributes!
Products Sold
Detailed report for products sold, based on location(s), on the specified date(s).


Employee Sales With Gross Profit
Gross profit report, based on the selected employee(s).
Employee Product Sold
Total number of units sold for a specific item, based on the selected employee(s), product(s), and location(s).
Employee Sales
A report of an employee's total sales made throughout the day including worked hours.
Weekly Employee Report
Daily and weekly total sales amount and total number of units sold, including employee clock in/out information, on a specified location.


Print Location Sales Report
Simply prints the overall sales summary of the day given the date and location.
Locate/Modify Invoice
Gives you the ability to locate a past invoice using 3 options: receipt number, invoice number, and the last 4 digits of the credit card used.
Envelope Processing
Happens at the end of every employee’s shift and is used to determine any discrepancies in the employee’s sales amount with the ones that are received in the envelope.


Daily Count
Contains the inventory of a certain location daily containing units counted before and after shift, the discrepancies (if there were any) and even the live inventory of the item.
Live Inventory
Lists the inventory of all the items either specifically from each or from all of the locations and displays the units and categories.
Inventory Tracking
Tracks the purchase order of a certain location from the warehouse
A report generated for exchange transactions for the products that cannot be sold again.
PO Tracking
A chart that lets you track purchase orders created by employees for their store location.
Item Tracking
A detailed report of the number of units of various items that were requested and delivered before the shipment and during the receipt thereof.
Location Inventory Wholesale – Retail Values
Shows only the total amount of both wholesale and retail values.
Received Tracking
Tracks the purchase order of a certain location from the warehouse.


Coupon Usage Report
Frequency of usage on all coupons based on the location(s), on the specified date(s).
Coupon Efficiency
Allows you to select the specific coupon code that you want to view.
Displays a list of all the customers that includes their contact numbers, birthday, address and even the number of transactions they made.


Location IPC Analysis
A feature that monitors the total numbers of products sold, sales, and receipts. It basically counts the daily items per customer.
Products Gross Profit Report
Shows an overall sum of retail sales and the gross profit in between dates for a location.
LivePOS Mobile Dashboard is in the APP Store!
The LivePOS Mobile Dashboard is available to download in the iTunes store!
Wholesale Retail Report
This allows you to count a CATEGORY rather than individual products. This is helpful when you have thousands of products and you want to conduct a daily count without wasting hours counting each individual product.
Employee Analysis 
Displays the charted fields of expertise and weaknesses of an employee’s day-to-day activity in the store.
Profit and Loss Report 
A report that monitors the revenue versus expenses incurred per month, for the current calendar year.
Opening the Cash Register Without a Sale is Now Tracked
When opening the cash register without a sale, it will now show the date/time and employee on your cash register activity report on the dashboard.
Location Analysis
Displays the graphed performance of your location on a day-to-day basis.
Detailed Tag Report

New fields are added such as tag name, customer name, product name, style number, part number and quantity. These newly added fields are also available when you export the report.
Refund Report
You can run a simple report showing you all the refunds done for a specific time frame. 


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