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Price Override is Now Integrated with the Work Order Module
The price override feature was very well received when we released it a few months ago. Many of you went to the LivePOS community and requested that we add this feature into the work order module as well. We listened and we are happy to include this feature in this release.
Multi-Intake is Now Available in Work Orders
You can now “take in” multiple items at once when doing a work order. This enhancement allows you to be more efficient and service your customers better.
Loading ALL Work Orders
The system can now load ALL of your work orders even via a slow or intermediate internet connection.
Accounts Receivable and Work Orders
Many of our customers who use the work order module will create an INVOICE for their customers for a later payment. Combining the customer groups option with the work order allows you to run a quick report showing you all the invoices that are not paid. You can easily export it to an Excel file or print it and send it to be paid.
Work Order ID Barcode on Receipt
This feature adds a barcode to the work order printed ticket/receipt. Every time your customers come back with a work order ticket/receipt, you can easily search it by scanning the barcode.
Find a Work Order Faster Than Ever Before
You can now search a specific work order and don’t have to load all of them. Use the work order ID for a quick and easy search of your work orders.
Account Receivables for Open Invoices
You can now accept a partial or full payment for an open invoice (that was created by a work order) directly from the LivePOS Dashboard, allowing you to enter payments from the back office and not only from the store computer.
Show Pop-Up Message For Fully Paid Work Order
This feature request came from our online community. Many of you wanted the system to remind the employee to COMPLETE the work order after it was fully paid. This feature is doing just that - it will prompt the employee with a notice asking if they want to complete the work order.
Work Order Service Ticket Update
We now have a new status on the work order called “Ready for Pickup”. This status is also included in the “All Active” filter.
Work Orders Now Supports SMS Carrier
Just like a regular retail transaction, the work order system will now utilize the customer’s carrier when sending work order updates.


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