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Move Inventory/Create PO
To be able to transfer your product(s) from a source location to destination location(s). You may also create purchase orders using this page.
Add Categories
Add a category for the products in your inventory.
Update Location Inventory
A page designed to override the specifics of the location.
Add/Edit Products
Add or edit products, and it will be automatically saved in the warehouse. It will also show you the list for existing products on your dashboard.
Edit Categories
Edit a category for the products in your inventory.
Add/Edit Vendors
A list of suppliers for your store. You can also add new ones as they come.
Add/Edit Attributes
Additional specific information for products may be added, such as colors and/or sizes.
Add Location/Warehouse Inventory
Displays the total, reserved, in transit, available, and to be added units of certain products in your inventory.
PO Dashboard
Displays the list of purchase orders made by the location.


Search Coupon and Gift Cards
This feature enables you to search for a specific coupon or gift card.
Add/Remove Coupons 
Lets you view the active coupons for your store and even gives you the ability to create other coupons.
Coupon Bulk Upload
A feature that allows you to upload up to 1000 coupons at the same time simply by downloading the Excel template provided for you on the page, filling them in and re-uploading it.


Add/Edit Warehouse
To add, edit, or disable a warehouse.
Assign Warehouse To Location
Specify which warehouse is for which location.


Add/View Gift Cards
Shows a list of all the available gift cards and their corresponding gift card numbers and can even let you add new ones too! Specify which warehouse is for which location.


SubProducts and Mini-Kits
A subproduct is a SKU that is permanently connected to another SKU. So when the employee clicks on SKU A, it will automatically add SKU B as well. For example, if you sell computers, you can use this feature to collect the government required e-waste fee. You can also use this feature as a mini-kit by attaching multiple subproducts onto one SKU. There is no limit - you can attach as many subproducts as you want.
Kits & Packages
You can now bundle products into a kit and assign a price for that kit. In addition to the standard static kit, the LivePOS kit module features the ability to create a dynamic kit, allowing you to exchange products in and out of the kit while ringing up the customer.
Static Kits
Allows you to specify the quantity and amount distribution among products in a static kit.
Bulk Inventory Count
This allows you to count a CATEGORY rather than individual products. This is helpful when you have thousands of products and you want to conduct a daily count without wasting hours counting each individual product.
Inventory Count Prioritization
This feature allows you to pick which category or item will show FIRST when doing an inventory count.
Inventory Wish list
Making a list of what you’re about to order and convert your list into a vendor PO.
Auto PO
Automatically creates a PO when your store/warehouse goes under minimum.
Bulk Barcode Printing
Need to print barcodes in BULK? This one is for you. LivePOS now has the capability to do bulk printing for multiple products, all at once.
Vendor PO
Create, send, receive and manage purchase orders to and from your vendor.
Inventory System Now Supports MAX Units
Many of you requested a MAX unit to the auto-PO system, and we listened. You can set your minimum AND your maximum units on the Update Location Inventory page.


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