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Add Manager’s Account
Add a manager’s account.
Add Roles
Add a manager’s access.
Edit Manager’s Account
Disable a manager’s account. You may also edit existing information from the active and inactive accounts.
Edit Roles
Customize a manager’s access.
Admin Log
Display the pages that were visited by the specific manager. It will show you the IP address used to access the dashboard.
Send SMS Alerts to Multiple Managers
Well, this one is simple. You can now specify more than one manager for your SMS alerts. Go crazy!


Add/Edit Employee’s Account
Here is where you are able to edit an employee’s profile and even add another one.
Employee Job Titles
This feature allows managers to add a job title to an employee profile (for example, cashier, store manager etc).
Once you apply a job title to an employee, you can see this information on the clock in/out export report.
Add/Edit Work Schedule
Lets you edit/adjust the clock-in and clock-out times of the employees.
Minimum Price Employee Alert
When an employee tries to sell under the minimum, you can now CHOOSE if they will see “Price is not allowed”, or “Price cannot be under $”. The second option will show the minimum price to the employee – your choice.
Employee Scheduler
This new feature gives you the ease to schedule your employees’ shifts.
Employee Scheduler
This new feature gives you the ease to schedule your employees’ shifts.


Employee’s Payroll Overview
A page that displays the breakdown of an employee’s latest payroll.
Add/Edit Reimbursements
A list of all the items for reimbursements under a certain employee's name, whether it be for meal allowance or transportation for deliveries.
Hourly Commission
Reward your employees by adding money to their HOURLY RATE.
Add/Edit Group Profile
Displays a page wherein employees of the same salary type are grouped.
Add/View/Edit Customers
The list of customers that you have under CRM that you are able to edit information on (if you have access to this feature).
SPIFFs Per Product (Commission Per Item)
Spiffs are finally here! You can now reward your sales people by giving them an extra bonus/commission on specific items that they sell. You can set up “bonus/commission per product” for every item in your store.
Add/Edit Deductions
The list of amount(s) deducted from an employee. You may add more deductions or edit the existing ones.
Headway Payroll Support
If you are using headway payroll, LivePOS can now format the clock in/out (hours worked) report to the exact specifications that Headway requires. This feature saves a lot of manual work when it’s time to pay your employees.


Buy Hardware
This page will show you the URL for the LivePOS store.
Technical Support Numbers
The list of our technical support numbers.
Where you can find all the up-to-date news on all the promos and discounts of LivePOS straight from our very own blog!
Live Chat Online
Chat online with one of our technicians for any of your issues and inquiries.
User Manuals
Redirects you to the support portal where you can find all the how-to manuals and demo videos for more information on our products.


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